Get Your D3VB Apparel!

Secaucus, NJ (November 17, 2011)  D3VB is proud to announce a partnership with BSNSports in order to create an online apparel shop.  The apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirt option, men's polo option) featured is all Underarmor and will feature the D3VB logo.  There is also the option on the shirts for school name/personal name and number for an additional fee.


Many of the coaches who attend the annual convention have spoken about branding our Division of the NCAA and standing out amongst the other groups.  Consider this one step in trying to attain that goal.  Having our constituency promote not only their universities, but our Division will be a big step.  The option to add names to the shirts can hopefully help us in highlighting our top players as well.  On top of promoting the Division and its players, it's a great way you can help support this website and its continued existence.


You can head over to BSNSports and click on My Team Shop in the middle of the page.  The access code is oconne3PZ.  We are working on getting a few other polo options from the company as well as the one they have currently offered. 


The D3VB online store is only open for short periods of time (11/17-11/25) so hurry and get your orders in if you are interested in getting gear.  We will try and open up again just before Christmas time in case you miss the opportunity for this upcoming week.

Apparel Options